I am using Macbook Pro with El-Captian. I had only one user account in the machine and I created one another. After creating the new one, old user account is not showing in the login screen. It is showing in the Users & Group listing and I have tried a number of things like checking Firevault, creating root user etc. Actually my work files are there in the old account and even I can access the files with root access some of the applications like Vagrant is not working fine. It will be helpful if anyone can suggest me what I need to do now to get access to the old user account. I tried to change login option to Name and Password, but it also not working.


You most probably have Automatic login turned on. Try to turn it off from the same window where you set login option to name and password.

  • No. I checked it and it is Off – Happy Coder Mar 28 '16 at 4:44

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