I recently purchased a Iphone 5 in turkey, and when i try to log in into the app store is asking me for a credit or debit card. How do I by-pass this? Why I get asked for such info? Thank you.

  • Is None an option for the credit card type?
    – Olathe
    Mar 24, 2016 at 0:15

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In the settings for your Apple ID there is a payment options selection, where you can chose none. You can find this in the menu called Settings in your iPhone. You may also have to check the settings under iCloud.

There is a really super answer here, check it out for lots of details, even pictures; this is for the most part, the same on the latest versions.

I understand, you want to just get free "apps!"

If you might also want to pay for things sometime, another really nice option, is that you can go to almost every kind of shop (even a convenience store) and buy an iTunes gift card with cash, which will come with instructions about how to add this credit into your iTunes (and therefore also automatically your "App Store") account.

  • Please mark the checkmark icon, so the question is "solved," if this was helpful. I would also like to edit/rename the question; depending on more information, because if this is all you needed, it doesn't matter where you bought the phone. Is the phone already logged in to the iTunes account of the previous owner? Mar 31, 2016 at 22:08

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