Any good ways to easily do a 4-way split screen on OSX? I love split-screen and would love to also have 4 (in four corners) in addition to 2 (left-right).


On my El Capitan Mac, I use BetterSnapTool. It’s a very good program for managing multiple side-by-side windows.

I even used it to to create a custom resizing command so my windows will not extend into the Notifications Area.

Available on the Mac App Store. Also see the developer’s web site: https://www.folivora.ai/bettersnaptool


Not natively. Split screen is only two windows. You can always have four windows open on your desktop and manually resize them to fit the corners.


you're looking for https://github.com/jigish/slate, you can write your own config and key bindings.

and you can find slate configs from here if you don't want to write you're own

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