Is there a way to set a reminder or an event so when that event's time comes the iphone will say something like "your eventA is ready, keep in mind the traffic". Where that phrase is something i can control?

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As of right now SIRI can only be initiated by you. You can tell SIRI to remind you about something and you will get a notification about it but there is now way to have SIRI come on and say anything.


At the moment (up to and including iOS 12), you cannot have Siri speak to you based on an event (time/date, notification from app etc.). Only you can trigger Siri.

However, you could try a few things that may give you an approximation of what you want to do.

  1. Shortcuts: you could write a Shortcut in the Shortcuts app that has a time delay and then speaks the text you want. You cannot have this shortcut automatically invoked - you will have to trigger it - via your voice or your fingers - yourself.
  2. VoiceOver: you could enable VoiceOver to speak out your Reminders, Timers or Alarms.

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