I am running OS X 10.11 - El Capitan. I am trying to tune my TCP setting for better network / Internet performance. Most of the settings I have been able to modify permanently through /etc/sysctl.conf configuration file.

I am trying to modify the value of net.inet.tcp.tcbhashsize to increase the number of TCP connections served and improve TCP lookup speeds. In Free BSD, it can be modified through /boot/loader.conf, but this file does not appear to exist in OS X.

How can this value be modified in OS X?


sysctl is the tool of choice for this. sysctl net.inet.tcp.tcbhashsize will tell you its value, and sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.tcbhashsize=new_value will set the value. However on my system I got the error sysctl: oid 'net.inet.tcp.tcbhashsize' is read only when I tried to set the value – no idea if it's possible to set this value in some way without compiling and running your own kernel.

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