I have a weird issue with my bash shell in OS X El Capitan. I was messing around with my .bashrc file today, and now when I open my terminal I see nothing out of the ordinary (no messages, just the basic bash prompt), but I cannot enter any commands. I can type, but once I press enter I just hear the bell ring and nothing happens. Some of the things I have already tried:

  • Deleting .bashrc (and restarting Terminal)
  • Deleting .bash_profile (and restarting Terminal)
  • Making very basic .bashrc and .bash_profile files with echo statements. These statements are run and are printed to the terminal, but I still cannot enter any commands.
  • Switching my shell to zsh instead, and found that it works just fine.

Any information you guys could give me would be very, very much appreciated. Thanks!

This issue seems to have resolved itself. I didn't restart my computer, I just came back to it this morning and bash seems to be working just fine. Maybe a caching issue?

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  • Fwiw, this has happened to me before, and seemed to be triggered by an App Store update (Xcode maybe?). It was quite unnerving. – mtklr Mar 14 '16 at 23:52

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