I have a macbook and I connect to my linux accounts with screen sharing. I would like to connect to two different linux accounts from the same client (my macbook) at the same time, using two different instances of screen sharing. Is this possible? How?

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Just make a New Connection

For the purposes of answering this question, I have connected to two separate Macs - an XServe that I use for Dev purposes and a colleagues MacBook Pro - at the same time. All my FreeBSD (alternative to Linux) servers are "headless" and have no GUIs installed - everything is done via command line, so I can't show it connecting to a *nix machine GUI specifically.

Two Screens

To do this, just open a new session in Screen Sharing by clicking "New" on the Screen Sharing menu (top bar) or in Connect to Server (CmdK) and entering vnc://<servername or ip address>

I haven't tested the limit, but I am sure you can add more screens as needed.

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