How can execute veracrypt on the command line in OS X?

According to the Veracrypt documentation there should be a command veracrypt but it was not found.

Any advice ?


The command is /Applications/VeraCrypt.app/Contents/MacOS/VeraCrypt

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    Don't know who/why the downvote. This is how to use VeraCrypt from the command line on MacOS. – jwd630 Nov 22 '16 at 1:30

You need to setup a symbolic link named 'veracrypt' to the executable. The following will work in a terminal:

mkdir -p ~/bin ; # <<-- if it doesn't exist already
ln -s /Applications/VeraCrypt.app/Contents/MacOS/VeraCrypt ~/bin/veracrypt

You can then invoke it to get help with (the -t is for text-only mode):

PATH="$HOME/bin:$PATH" ; # <<-- if not already on your search path
veracrypt -t -h

you should append --text parameter to VeraCrypt

like /Applications/VeraCrypt.app/Contents/MacOS/VeraCrypt --text

  • This should be the accepted answer. The accepted answer executes the binary which launches the GUI. This actually gives you the command line interface for managing volumes on the CLI. – Dean Oct 2 at 10:41

To simplify usage, I add this to my .bash_profile:


Then I can execute the app on the command line:

$VC --mount /path/to/container

Can also define an alias to mount the container:

alias mc="$VC --mount /path/to/container"

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