I'm fairly new to the Mac world. I really love the multiple desktop feature.

Unfortunately, every todo application I've tried takes me to the regular desktop when I want to use them, or on their own desktop. I would like to have an app that could pop-up on top of the screen no matter where I am – like Spotlight when I press Control + Space.

I'm not sure it is possible though, since it feels like each app in full screen mode takes control of the whole "shortcut space". But once again, I don't know anything about OS X.

Is it possible, and if so, is there a todo app I could use that would do that ?


Try Wunderlist for Mac. It has a feature called "Mac Quick Add" where you press ctrl+alt+w, and you can quickly add a todo with spotlight-like interface, and it works on any active space as long as the app is open.

  • That is exactly what I was looking for, thank you! – Radioreve Mar 10 '16 at 15:46

Things by Cultured Code has a quick entry feature that can be evoked with a keyboard shortcut from anywhere.

Differently from Wunderlist you don't need a subscription for advanced features.

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