I'm a php developer, usually with the laravel framework. I want to get rid of Xcode because I'm tired of dedicating 9 gigabytes of storage to an application that I don't use at all.

I seem to remember that when setting up git, homebrew, or ssh, that one of these applications has dependencies which are contained inside of Xcode.

Can I delete Xcode? What will doing so break? How can I delete Xcode gracefully?

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Yes, you can, as long as you install the command line tools.

You can then install the command line tools with xcode-select --install

For more information (from the iOS Dev Library, but applicable in this case), see Technical Note TN2339

  • After running this, I also had to run sudo xcode-select --reset because of this.
    – gdrt
    Jan 27, 2022 at 7:42

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