Sudently I can't connect to the wify at home anymore from my mac (all other devices are ok).

When trying to connect I get the dialog:

The Wi-Fi network "My_Wifi" could not be joined.

Try moving closer to your wireless router. Alternatively, run Wireless Diagnostics to troubleshoot.

And on the logs from /private/var/log/wifi.log:

Info: <airportd[51]> Failed to associate to WI-Fi network My_Wifi on interface en0, returned error code -3902

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I found that rebooting either the router and or the computer solves the problem. Why it happens I don't know.


There are several things you can do to try to get Wifi working again.

  • Reboot the router that serves your network. This router may have an integral Wifi radio, or a Wifi radio may be attached with a separate device. If so, reboot the wifi device, too.

  • On the Mac itself, go to System Preferences > Network > Wifi and make sure the network you are trying to connect to is top on the list of Preferred Networks. It is a 'best practice' when Wifi problems come up to delete all the Wifi networks you have saved, and recreate the ones you need.

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