On my OS X Yosemite, when running man man I was excepting to see a list of MANUAL SECTIONS and their number, but I don't. As a Windows user until lately, I'm not familiar with the meaning of the different section numbers that are printed in parenthesis next to the command name.

So how do I list them?

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Such information on OS X is instead located in man manpages, which is also available online here:


The manual is divided into sections. Each section covers a particular subject area. The major manual page sections are:

1 General User Commands

2 System Calls

3 Library Routines (*)

4 Special Files and Sockets

5 File formats and Conventions

6 Games and Fun Stuff

7 Miscellaneous Documentation

8 System Administration

9 Kernel and Programming Style

n Tcl/Tk

Run man manpages in Terminal or open that link to read more in-depth information.

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