My 2015 Macbook pro 13" is acting weird, after restoring from a Time Machine backup my mac is running slow and I have a lot of bugs:

The reaction time of the system is very slow, sometimes when I open a new tab or when I write in this textfield, I just see the spinning beach ball for a couple of seconds.

The mail app can't connect to my three gmails, but my iCloud mail is running fine,
Every time I activate Find my Mac it just deactivates after a second.

Hope some of you can solve at least one of the questions

Many apps (Safari Photos Notes and other) is openning at the same screen every time, (safari at the same 5 specific tabs, Photos at the same pic, and notes at the same sub folder)

I restored March 1. and the slow reaction time started earlier today.


Found a solution, used this command in terminal chmod -RN ~/Library/


Sounds like spotlight is indexing the disk. Have a look at the cpu usage in "activity monitor" to make sure. The culprits should be processes named "mds" and/or "mdworker"

If it is spotlight indeed this will take a while (hours). Be patient ;-)

  • spotlight is not indexing,( mdworker and mds is totally about 2% of CPU) it's about two days ago I restored.
    – Harcker
    Mar 3 '16 at 16:37

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