I want to be able to say something like, "Start Dictation," to turn on OS X's Dictation feature, instead of having to double-click the fn key.

In System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Dictation, there is an option to "Enable the dictation keyword phrase." Here is a screenshot of this menu:

Accessibility - Dictation Menu

I have enabled this option and tried various phrases and the dictation has not been turned on once.

I'm not sure if this is related, but I have installed the "Enhanced Dictation" data:

"Enhanced Dictation" prompt

Within the "Dictation Commands" menu, I have all "System" commands enabled, including the "Start Dictation" command. Screenshot:

"Dictation Commands..." Menu

Incidentally, the "Stop Dictation" command works perfectly.

Has anyone managed to Start Dictation by voice command?

(2013 rMBP) -- (OS X 10.11.3)

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Look at your first screenshot. Enable the dictation keyword phrase

To activate dictation by voice command, just speak the phrase "Computer Start Dictation"

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