Does anyone know any Mac alternative that has the exact features that Paint.NET has when it comes to creating pixel art, and free?

With Paint.NET I'm able to select whatever pixels in the grid to drag them, or change their colors all at once, or delete them, or to give the mirror/reflect (horizontally/vertically) effect.

enter image description here

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Though it is more of a Photoshop clone by its number of features, have you considered The Gimp? I don't know if it is going to fit your exact requirement, but it does have an excessive number of features including a magnified editing mode and color substitution.

Otherwise, have you tried Paint.NET via Wine? It seems that only the v3.5.x version might get somewhere, but with limitations.


Not sure, but it might be possible to install the .net framework on OS X. That's just from a quick Google search, and I don't truly understand this stuff, but take a look. I believe you can also use Wine to run it.

Even though this isn't directed at your use case, take a look at this post about alternatives. This post also suggests alternatives, including Pixen, PikoPixel, Piskel, Aesprite, and setting up GIMP to work well with Pixel art. Forewarning, I don't do much pixel art (I've always just used GIMP) and therefore can't give you anything other than other's advice.

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