I have an HDMI to VGA connector and a Samsung LED screen. The screen is fine, the VGA cable is fine, the connector is fine (tried with different laptops running Ubuntu and Windows).

The Problem: I'm plugging the HDMI-VGA connector in my Macbook Pro 2015 but the display doesn't show on the external screen.

What I've tried: I went in Displays and tried all given options like extend screen and more. The window also shows the name of the screen "SMB2230" on my Macbook and when I plug-in the HDMI, the screen flickers for a second and dock (on the right) disappears from the built-in display and I can move my mouse to the right and it also disappears but the external monitor shows the message "Check signal cable". I have tried restarting it as well but no luck.

Note: The screen is working with other laptops running Windows and Ubuntu with the same connector and the same VGA cable.

Please don't tell me that I have to use MiniDisplay port/wire from Apple.

here is an image enter image description here


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Try a PRAM and SMC reset. Usually helps.

Also try replugging in the connectors on both ends

  • Thanks for the answer, tried it but still no luck.
    – Robot Boy
    Mar 1, 2016 at 19:45
  • Could be a driver problem
    – user173581
    Mar 2, 2016 at 3:24

The only way I was able to get this to work was to put a powered HDMI splitter in between the MacBook and HDMI to VGA adapter. MacBook > HDMI cable > powered splitter > HDMI to VGA adapter > VGA cable > monitor.

SUcks, but it works.


Look at my answer on this forum, hope it will work for you! https://discussions.apple.com/message/30126959#30126959


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