I am looking for a text editor with support for Lion's new features - specifically autosave, versions, and full-screen support.

I would also really like to be able to use VIM keybindings, either standard, or as an option. Does this combination exist?

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Check Sublime Text 2, it is still in beta and they have adding full-screen support in Lion but not others you mentioned. And you can use Vim key-binding too.

MacVim is also working on some of the Lion refinements (the ones that are included have some rough edges) - it's certainly not stable since it's being fixed as the days go by, but as an open-source program, you can see the bugs/defects and know when the features you care are shipped or have issues.

  • Meh, its vim command mode movement bindings, its not real vim :( MacVim has lion support, so why not use that? Sep 28, 2011 at 19:51
  • +1 for the MacVIM recommendation. Combine with the Janus project and it's a powerful editor.
    – Ian C.
    Sep 28, 2011 at 20:03

Chocolat is a Textmate style editor (like Sublime still in Development) that has all the Lion features.
Also vim mode was added in the latest version.

Personally I find Sublime's completion a lot better tho.


I can't believe no-one mentioned Vico. It's a relatively new code editor sold on the App Store that uses vi keybindings and is scriptable using Nu.

It doesn't support auto-save or Versions but does support Lion's full screen and Resume.


Xcode 4 does allow you to take advantage of all the new Lion features at the expense of native vi/vim key commands. Mac text entry is more emacs like than vi like, but there are plenty of good articles that explain how to customize the key bindings to make Xcode more vi like.

I find when I need heavy vi lifting, I drop into terminal and get the job done, but spend more and more time in Xcode due to the nature of the code I'm crafting.


MacVim? It has lion support (the full screen). Is there a problem with that?

I think autosave & versions is not in the spec for vim :( so an alternative would be needed.


I'm fairly sure there isn't anything (could be wrong, VIM makes my eyes glaze over), but that's probably best followed with a yet. A lot of devs seem to be scrambling to get updated with the new Lion calls.

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