When I try to access a keychain password using the keychain access GUI, I always get a dialog box for inputting the current keychain (login) password.

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However, when I try the same thing from the command line using commands like the following

security find-generic-password -gs site_name 

there is no such dialog for password input and the password is just given without any form of validation.

Is there any way to change this?


First try to unlock the keychain with security unlock-keychain -p :the_keychain_password: :path_to_keychain:

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I bumped into this same issue, and it seems its all about removing the default access when creating the new password, this is described on help of the command:

security add-generic-password -h

At the bottom you will see:

By default, the application which creates an item is trusted to access its data without warning. You can remove this default access by explicitly specifying an empty app pathname: -T "" If no keychain is specified, the password is added to the default keychain.

So essentially you create the password with the -T "" setting:

security add-generic-password -a YOURUSER -s SERVICENAME -w YOURPASSWORD -T ""
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