I'm using Google Notifier for Mac and I want it to report the number of new messages in Priority Inbox. Previously, I had Notifier report the number of unread messages that had a certain label assigned to it (it was a quasi-Priority Inbox). I set up the notifier by going into terminal and typing:

defaults write com.google.GmailNotifier Label -string "LABEL"

When I substitute out LABEL for Priority Inbox, it doesn't provide an accurate unread count:

defaults write com.google.GmailNotifier Label -string "Priority Inbox"

Doesn't it make complete sense that Google Notifier and Priority Inbox should work together?!

  • This still shows old and read messages. How do you fix that? – Lucas Apr 25 '11 at 4:05

I think that the label GMail uses for the Priority Inbox is "Important". Have you tried using that?

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