Problems arose today when I connected the 5th bluetooth device to my MacBook Pro.

  • 1 new Apple keyboard
  • 1 new Apple trackpad
  • 1 old Apple keyboard
  • 1 old Apple mouse (most recently connected)
  • 1 Beats Wireless

After connecting the mouse, I suddenly started hearing skipping through the headset whenever I clicked keys on a keyboard or moved the mouse around. Reverting back to 4 bluetooth devices "fixed it". Interestingly, using the Trackpad did not have the same effect.

Any thoughts on how to fix this? Or is this simply a hardware limitation?

Due to pair programming I actually do need to have all devices connected (although I can use a cable for some if this is a wontfix).


Here's the info from Apple site:

Connect multiple Bluetooth devices to one computer

The official Bluetooth specifications say seven is the maximum number of Bluetooth devices that can be connected to your Mac at once. However, three to four devices is a practical limit, depending on the types of devices used. Some devices require more Bluetooth data, so they're more demanding than other devices. Data-intensive devices might reduce the total number of devices that can be active at the same time.


Im my experience having a bluetooth keyboard, mouse and headset is possible but it depends on the device and how much it can handle, most devices nowadays should be able to handle 3.

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    The question is how to use 5 Bluetooth devices simultaneously (and whether that is possible). As I read it your answer is basically “3 should be possible” and I’m afraid that does not answer the question at all. – 11684 Aug 26 '18 at 0:23

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