I own this model: https://support.apple.com/kb/sp649?locale=en_US

And I have an adapter thunderbolt to HDMI that works wonderfully with video, but no audio.

Does someone has any advice on a product or the info about the capabilites of my mac to send audio AND video through thunderbolt port?

  • What adapter are you using? Can you provide a link to exactly which one you purchased? I suspect the problem is your adapter doesn't support audio even though your computer does. – iWill Feb 25 '16 at 18:15

As far as I know, thunderbolt to HDMI by default provides audio. Now, whether your adapter supports it, well that's another question.

I have used this device from Amazon Basics to supply HDMI to a TV (including audio) from a MBP and a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. It worked with zero issues.

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We've switched from HDMI cables and dongles to Cable Matters HDMI <> Mini DisplayPort cables, as found on Amazon. They come in different lengths and colors.

In actuality, you are not connecting with Thunderbolt - the Thunderbolt port is used as a Mini DisplayPort connector.

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