I just restarted my mac. The internet here is spotty. I saw the popup below. I really could not care less if I can connect to iCloud at the moment of a particular startup or not. I just don't want popups. Is there any way I can get rid of it, permanently? Hopefully not by disabling iCloud; I'm sure there was a reason I enabled it; likely to get rid of some other popup somewhere.

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    To clarify, there's not an issue with your email. It is showing that to identify the account that is being problematic, which in this case is the Apple ID with that email associated with it. – Ezekiel Elin Jul 25 '18 at 3:29

Chris Haertel's answer to a different question also works here, as evidenced by an Apple Discussions thread:

In your user folder, go to ~/Library/Keychains/ (hold down the option key when clicking in the Go menu in Finder to show the Library folder).

In that folder, there are the regular keychains, plus some folders with monstrously long names like F2555809-AAC0-5CFA-BEF6-57BB56345BIUR or some such.

I deleted those folders only.

After restarting, you may need to log into iCloud again, but the persistent popup and "An unknown error occurred" messages should be gone for good.


I've been dealing with this same problem for a few days now (pretty annoying). Last thing I tried was to un-check every iCloud services that I had enabled, log out iCloud and just sign back in. So far it seems to be OK, I'll just try it a bit more to see if the message popup again.

To do so, just go to your iCloud settings in the System Preferences. this will open a setting windows much like this one.

iCloud Settings Services

Once there you have to deselect every services selected and then proceed to Sign Out

You may be ask to save a copy of your iCloud data such as Contacts, Calendars, Pictures, etc. You may uncheck the services you dont want to save a copy and then just click Continue or Keep if you have selected any of the data to keep.

If you want to re-connect with your iCloud user account (or a new one) you'll have to select Sign In and then just proceed as requested.

  • Doesn't work for me. – Shan Xeeshi Aug 18 '18 at 21:18
  • Wouldn’t you instead click account details and verify the password is indeed correct? Then clearing the keychain of nay old / wrong passwords for this account seems prudent if the error persists. That avoids needing to sign out – bmike Jul 14 at 17:24
  • @bmike When opening iCloud preferences and entering the correct password, you just get the "An unknown error occurred" message. – Stack Overflown Jul 14 at 17:59

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