Is it possible to have Keychain ask for the admin password before autofilling other passwords or credit card information?

I am already using keychain quite a bit. But I'm also realizing that other people use my computer occasionally and in that case, I would like my passwords to be off limits. For many of us it's not just passwords, but also credit card information that are stored in Keychain.

I am aware that with the menu bar icon, one can Lock all Keychains. My experience with that was, though, that it renders the computer practically unusable. Too many services need access to the keychain, like accountsd. And unless a password is typed in, the password prompt will stay on screen at all times.

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Not sure how to require password for keychain but here's how I handle sharing my computer:

My admin account is password protected and I have a "Guest" account setup that anyone can access without my intervention (just choose the account). It sets up a clean/empty environment every time. None of your data will be there and anything they create will not be stored.

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