I've stopped an update of OS X in the middle! Now all I have when I boot the system is the normal beep sound of POST for hardware check.

I've found a link that's been mentioned Apple has released a flash version of firmware update but for mid-2015 macbook 15 inches.

Now I'm stuck I don't have access to anything! I have access to an iMac in case needed.

Could someone lead me to a right direction? How should I restore the firmware?

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    er...there's no BIOS in Macs, only EFI... – Brick Feb 24 '16 at 12:34

Based on the chat we had, where I was able to get more details like:

  • You wiped out all partitions on the HDD
  • You were getting the -2002F error during Internet Recovery

(Both of these are key pieces of info to put into the original question, by the way. )

-2002F error message

Your only option is to reinstall OS X from boot media. You can either take it into an Apple Store and have them reinstall or have someone you know has a Mac download OS X and create a bootable USB for you. See the answer here - different question, but the answer is still the same: reinstall OS X from scratch via boot media.

  • I've gone through the whole process of resetting of SMC and NVRAM many times, but no success! I have black screen. – ALH Feb 24 '16 at 12:42
  • Is there any other option I could try? – ALH Feb 24 '16 at 12:45
  • Just a black screen after booting in verbose mode? – Allan Feb 24 '16 at 12:47
  • It is black all the time. Pressing Command+V does not help. – ALH Feb 24 '16 at 12:49
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    SMH....That would be useful info to have in the original question. Try Internet Recovery, that doesn't require a partition. – Allan Feb 24 '16 at 13:06

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