I am trying to use Flammarion and its instructions state that I should ensure that chrome is on my path. The Chrome app appears to be at /Applications/Google\ Chrome.app. How do I actually add this to my path.

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You need to edit your .bash_profile which is located in your home directory.

I don't reccommend using TextEdit to modify this file, use vi or nano in Terminal instead

Open Terminal in home directory

You should be at your home directory but to be sure, just type:

$ cd ~

Edit .bash_profile

$ nano .bash_profile

Your's may not even exist so you may just start off with a blank screen. Not to worry, each is totally customizable.

If you don't have a PATH statement in there already, just add the following to a new line:

export PATH="/Applications/Google Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS:$PATH"

(BTW, I am assuming your software wants the path to the actual Google Chrome binary).

If you alredy have a paths statement, append the path to Chrome to the existing statement and separate it with a colon:


export PATH=/path/to/some/stuff


export PATH=/path/to/some/stuff:/path/to/more/stuff

Hit Ctrl X to exit. You will be asked if you want to save; say yes.

Restart Terminal & Test

Quit that shell and start it again so your changes can take effect.

To ensure that your path now reflects your changes, type the following command:

echo $PATH

Your new path should now show the Google Chrome directory. To further test it, in the Terminal window at in your home directory type "Google Chrome" and Chrome should launch.

  • We are on OSX. Just edit paths.d.
    – bot47
    Feb 23, 2016 at 5:35

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