Currently whenever I open up BBEdit the Sidebar is open by default. The Sidebar is where it shows a list of files that were already open in BBEdit. I could shut it down by going to: View > Hide Sidebar

How can I make sure the Sidebar never opens up by default? I even tried doing in: Preferences > Appearance > Sidebar > Automatically show to Never

Any suggestions?


Goto Menu View/Hide Sidebar

Goto Menu Window/Save Default Text Window

After that, each new window will use this settings.


Go to Preferences Appearance. There are a number of options for Sidebar. I find As Needed most convenient.

  • Like I already mentioned this does not work. Whenever I open up a text file the sidebar is there by default and I would like to make the side bar hidden by default. I even tried setting the preference to never – James Franco Feb 16 '16 at 19:20

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