I replaced my MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013) keyboard. The U.S keyboard layout is mapped incorrectly now. It seems to be a problem with the keyboard identifier ID (maybe its Bundle ID). It looks like to be Japanese now but I need to change it back to english (I can't achieve this by changing input source and keyboard layout).


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I can't find way how do without side app. But i solved with "Karabiner"

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The following Karabiner config works for me:



It works for me but with different steps due to the recent version of Karabiner-Elements go to:

  • Virtual keyboard > Country code: 0
    I choose ISO (according to my keyboard sort)


  • Devices > Disable Modify Events in Apple's built-in keyboard
    This prevents the modification of the keyboard layout

You will need to log out in order to apply the changes (for all the users).

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