I am replacing the upper case of my MBA 2011 13", I found something on eBay but am unsure on the compatibility, my serial number is, C02GRGLVDJWT.

Link to the part: 13" Apple MacBook Air A1466 Palmrest Upper Top Case 069-8219-A. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Apple MacBook Air i5 1.7 13" (Mid-2011)
Part No: MC965LL/A
Model Identifier: MacBookAir4,2
Model No: A1369

Apple MacBook Air i7 2.0 13" (Mid-2012)
Part No: MD232LL/A
Model Identifier: MacBookAir5,2
Model No: A1466

Between these 2 machines, casing parts are NOT interchangeable

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Possibly, but it's probably not worth betting on it. Instead, buy one such as this that corresponds to your computer.

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