I am using iMovie for recording audio during a Lecture (I nees to see video during recording) with a M-Audio M-Track interface (two XLR microphone).

The thing is that I can only record first microhone, because I can-t select the interface BUS on iMovie (or I didn't see it).

I also tested record with a XENYX UFX1204 (12 inputs), but I can only record from first input to.

Can anybody please help me?


MacBook, iOS 9.2.1

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You can try the following:

  1. Create an Aggregate Device in MIDI Settings.
  2. Use Soundflower app (free) and LineIn to route/combine inputs.

For total control, Rogue Amoeba Loopback (paid app) can create (and save) virtually any routings/combinations you want as inputs to any Mac app.

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