I am trying to get a visual of the DNS cache (IMHO this should be extremely easy but somehow I cannot get it in El Capitan). I have tried things like:
dscacheutil -cachedump
which some reason returns (why?):
Unable to get details from the cache node
Also trying
sudo killall -INFO mDNSResponder
indeed printed a lot arguably useful information in /var/log/system.log but it does not seem to work as expected. More specifically, I searched in the log and made sure there is no entry for www.my-website.com. Then I accessed www.my-website.com through my web browser, re-executed sudo killall -INFO mDNSResponder, searched again for www.my-website.com in the log and once again nothing popped up (the actual search was simply "my-website" to make sure nothing was ignored). An entry didn't appear even when I used the dig command.

Any help why I do not see the change in the mDNSResponder output or where I can access the "real" DNS cache?



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