We got an unused, semi-broken iPod Touch lying around. I would like to make it a DLNA renderer, so i can stream music TO the iPod, which is connected to the Audio-Amp. People often get the terminology for DLNA wrong, a DLNA Client is NOT what i am looking for. It is quite difficult to search for an App on iOS that actually receives DLNA streams: At least i couldnt find one.

I want the iPod to appear on my Network as a renderer and be able to play music using DLNA on it. AirPlay is not an alternative since i don't use other iOS devices.

And no, this is not a duplicate to my question... Can I stream music from my laptop to my iPod Touch over wifi? ...since there is no DLNA solution mentioned.

AirPlayer seems to be a DLNA Renderer but needs iOS 7.


Ok, found it. Involves jailbreaking the ipod but to my surprise this has become totally trivial over the years.

So, if anyone needs a DLNA renderer, check out intelligentShare UPnP AV Renderer... So far works perfectly using BubbleUPnP on my Android Phone as Controller, playing from my music library on a NAS running twonkyserver!

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