I'm quite new to mac but have managed to figure out a lot of the shortcuts but this one baffles me.

In intelliJ / Android Studios, occassionally, I need to hide some of the panes so that I have more space to see my code. The shortcut to hide the project pane on the left side of the screen when I hover over it has the following shortcut displayed:

enter image description here

I can see a shift there, but the circle with the arrow is nowhere to be found on my keyboard. Also, the click with the Alt button makes no sense as a normal click will hide the project pane in any case.

Where is the arrow out of the circle button on my macbook pro?

enter image description here

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That is the Escape (esc / ) key.

You can find more explanations for Mac Keyboard Symbols here.

The click with option/alt/ function exists to hide the entire sidebar. The sidebar can contain multiple panes, such as the Favorites pane. Without holding option/alt/, it will hide only the Project pane and expand any other pane in the sidebar (if none, it will hide the sidebar).

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