I have searched for this but I can't find anything in search results answering this query.

When I click on mailto link given in a mail inside Airmail,it opens Mail.app window instead of opening it inside Airmail. On setting gmail account on Mail.app, starts downloading 2GB sized inbox.


I use RCDefaultApp to tweak this type of setting and many other. Note that while this is an older app nonetheless it still works with OS X 10.11.x too.

It's a Preferences Pane style app and it's freeware. You can read more about it and see screenshots at the web site (linked above).


Open Mail >> Preferences >> General >> Default Email Reader (Select AirMail)

  • it works for few seconds immediately after changing it then again it start opening in Mail.app and when I check Prefs, it is Mail as default back again – SeasonedNoob Feb 6 '16 at 6:14

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