You guys have never heard of this before. Most of you at least. I own 2 iPhones bought in a legitimate Chinese Apple store. Whenever I use it, they would make a tri-tone dying robot low battery sound at 20% and 10%. This will sound even if you're on silent. So to turn it off (you can't) you'd have to change your ringer volume. There are no apps causing this since I wiped my phone and it still happens. I would like to make a conclusion that only Chinese iPhones have this stupid tone.

Why did they put that on these phones and not American ones?

  • Is there a question here that you actually want answered? – samh Feb 5 '16 at 15:43

The app "Battery Alert!" will allow you to change several battery related sounds (warning, alert, and full). It is currently $.99 USD on the app store.


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