as you know from Xcode 7 and onwards it's possible to compile an app for your device.

Yesterday I tried to compile Kodi on Xcode 7. It says it's possible to compile with Xcode 7 without any developer account in the readme too..

Here is the problem though. I previously had a developer account. Now it's expired.

So when I open up the Xcode I saw that my account is already there with description "Free"..

XCode 7 Accounts screen

When I click View Details.. though:

View Details..

So, there is a iOS developer certificate. But no provision profile. And when I try to compile it says "No matching provisioning profiles found: No provisioning profiles matching an applicable signing identity were found."

It's not possible to fix this error too.. Even when I click Fix Issue in General tab, it says "An App with identifier "org.xbmc.kodi-ios" is not available. Please enter a different string."

How could I create a provisioning profile for this app? Actually for all apps with "*" ?

Is it possible that I could start over this process somehow?!? It may be because I had a developer account before ( and I still have as a member but that's not active )

How could I self sign this app?


Try changing the identifier to something unique to you, like "net.plato.kodi-ios" and then try having Xcode fix the issue.

I eventually got Kodi to compile on my own after tweaking some of the provisioning settings, but I have active developer profiles and haven't ever done anything with the free account.

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  • That did the work. Weird that we cannot use the original name. It is to prevent overwriting on original app, I guess. Thanks again. – Plato Feb 9 '16 at 12:24

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