I am trying to set up PowerA Mini Pro game controller in OS X El Capitan. However, I have not succeeded via USB. It would be great if there is some central settings for the customization of each button. I need the gamepad for data visualization only, not for actual gaming. There are a lot third-party control apps but I would like to find some major app. Open-source application is the best choice, because in case of random errors, I could be sure that the conntroller itself is not causing it. So I am not confident about the application Joystick Mapper by Chibata Creations.

I choose the PowerA mini Pro controller because of analog buttons and joystics. I need the analog control. I choose PS3 because it is widely supported and has sufficient userbase. Systems

  • scientific computation etc Matlab - none
  • for gaming, openemu.org

where I think openemu.org has best drivers. It would be great to have such drivers system wide such that you could use them for scientific computation and visualization.

How can you set up a PS3 game controller in OS X El Capitan?

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