set targetFile to (path to temporary items as string) & fileName

I am trying to download a web image to temporary folder by curl in a Apple Script.

According to the above code, the curl downloads it as correct but the targetFile is currently as:

Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:...TemporaryItems:image.png

But after download, I need the downloaded image path as a correct file path like:


How can I set targetFile as a string that have slash containing file path? Or how can I get the file path of the image after it is downloaded by curl?


You can work around this with something like

set a to "/tmp/" & fileName
set targetFile to POSIX path of a
--since you are using curl
do shell script "curl http://example.com/images.jpg > " & targetFile

This AppleScript will make a string containing /tmp/, and targetFile sets it to interpret as POSIX (used by shell and curl). Then it downloads images.jpeg and stores it as fileName

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