I am trying to update MAMP MySQL from this link, but when i double click the file as mentioned in the blog. I get message saying,

The file “Install_MySQL_5.6.25.command” could not be executed because you do not have appropriate access privileges.

I tried to see the rights Get Info and it shows i am the owner and i have read and write.
If i am the owner, why can't i install it?


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The file might not be marked executable. Try this:

  1. Open Terminal.app

  2. Enter: "chmod u+x " (without the quotes but with the space) but don't press enter yet

3.Drop the "Install_MySQL_5.6.25.command" file on the Terminal.app window. The full path to "Install_MySQL_5.6.25.command" should appear.

  1. Press enter

The file is now marked as executable and you should be able to run it.

  • It says cannot execute binary file
    – localhost
    Feb 2, 2016 at 20:30
  • Try typing: file <drop the .command file on the window> it will show you what kind of file it is. Where did you get the file? Can you supply a link or the first few lines of the file? Feb 2, 2016 at 20:31
  • I got the link from here
    – localhost
    Feb 2, 2016 at 20:39
  • Looks like the file might simply not be executable yet. I have updated my answer to account for that. Make sure the file is unzipped too! Feb 2, 2016 at 20:41

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