I want to remove some photos from iPhone but keep them in Photos & iCloud. I want to keep my photoson my Mac Air, & desktop. When I try to delete them off my phone it tells me it will be delated from Photostream & iCloud.

I just want to decrease the number of photos on my iPhone. I connected to computer to upload some but it didn't ask me if I wanted to remove any from my phone.

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It's not entirely clear, but I'll take a guess.

If you connect the phone to a computer and no photos are removed when you sync, the most likely setup is the iPhone is using iCloud Photo Library.

You would turn that off in the settings app - iCloud.

Then once the library is off - choose whether you want the phone to participate in Photo Stream / Photo Sharing or not.

At that point, once iCloud Photo Library is off - you can delete photos from the phone manually on the iOS itself or by connecting to iTunes / Image Capture app / Photos app on Mac / iPhoto on Mac and transferring / deleting photos en masse.


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