Is there any iPhone app available that allows you to create folders in iPhone while using their Photos app?

It is kind a annoying that every time I must connect to iTunes and do the folder management there.


There is an app"photo folder" which have some wonderful features: It helps in creation of folders & sub folders for easy drag & Drop photo organization. Allows to filter photos based on keywords,metadata,rating or by favorite. It allows to create & assign new keywords to a photos metadata. Arrange the order of photos using manual,name,date,size or ratings etc.Also we can play a slideshow & share photos on various social media sites.


Hope this helps


Looks like there are a couple out there if you search the App Store for 'sort photo albums'. Of the results returned Pics looked the best to me. Plus it had an interesting WP7 style to it.

  • I believe that none of these actually manage your "native" iPhoe/iPad photo albums. They simply provide a viewer interface to those photos, and folders within that interface.
    – mattdm
    Aug 28 '11 at 20:00

The new iOS 5 has added this as one of its new features.

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