Is there a way to open an opened file in Finder? E.g. I have an open txt file, working with it and want to quickly open it in Finder. Maybe shortcut or any automator script.

  • If the file is already opened why are you trying to open it again? Jan 24, 2016 at 21:46

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I say that depends on the program you open the file with, but in most programs you can right-click the file name in the top bar, click the containing folder, and a new Finder window will open with the file already selected:



It's also worth noting that the little icon in the window title (as shown in @Siguza's picture) can be used for lots of things. Let's say you have a file open in TextEdit, and you want to open it in Word. You can use that little icon. Go to Word and choose File -> Open. Then go to the little icon at the top of the TextEdit window, grab it, and drag it to Word's File->Open dialog box. The File->Open dialog box will jump to that file. Then you just choose OK, and Word will open the file.

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