My last Mac worked with Anki to display LaTeX formatted equations but I am still, but I haven't been able to transfer it over.

My steps thus far:

  1. I obviously downloaded and installed Anki and BasicTeX (don't want the size of MacTeX).

  2. I use an equation in my cards with proper formatting and get the error others have reported on:

Error executing dvipng. Generated file: /var/folders/x2/8dh4jx2j64n9tvvts_l2pqk00000gp/T/anki_temp/tmp.tex

  1. My understanding is that dvipng comes bundled with BasicTex so this is pretty perplexing.

  2. I tried the extension https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/937148547 but it is not working. When I type which latex (and a million other variants), it cannot be found.

  3. I tried following the advice from the top answer here: How can I get LaTeX working on Anki?, but when I use tlmgr update --self && tlmgr install dvipng, I get that the tlmgr command is not found (same thing when I sudo it.)

Other information: I am running all of this on a MacBook Pro with El Capitan installed.

  • The default location for BasicTex's latex command is /Library/TeX/texbin/latex. Would you mind adding the output of both which latex, stat /Library/TeX/texbin/latex and ls -l /usr/local/texlive/2015basic (substitute the year of your installation if applicable)? Also, your echo $PATH would be helpful. Jan 29, 2016 at 19:04


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