A network I connect to requires configuring proxy settings to reach the Internet.

When I configure those settings within the Automatic location, it applies to every network I connect to.

Is there a way to apply those settings only to this specific network so when I connect to it those proxy settings work and when I connect to another network they do not?

  • Yes I did. However, your answer below worked fine. I was just expecting a way to do it without switching locations or anything. I thought there might be something I can do to make the proxy settings run whenever I connect to the intended network. – onlyforthis Jan 19 '16 at 18:42
  • There might be a way for you to achieve this once you have built and tested the required network configurations. Look at ControlPlane, and if you find a satisfying solution, post here a more appropriate answer :). – dan Jan 19 '16 at 22:42
  • I removed your hardware and MacOS X indications, since your question is relevant for more than 6 different versions of MacOS X. – dan Jan 19 '16 at 22:48

You need to make specific network configuration:

System Preferences > Network > Location: > Edit Locations...

left down + button, enter a new netowrk configuration name, for example Office / Wi-Fi + proxy, choose it and configure it with the proxy setting you need.

You will have to make 2 network configurations one to go through your proxy, and one without. Example: Office / Ethernet + proxy, Home / Wi-fi - proxy.

You will notice that you have a new menu entry:

 > Location

and you will be able to choose the correct network configuration which fits your actual network use.

To avoid most of the problems caused by the Automatic predefined network configuration, I advise you to inactivate completly network interfaces you don't use. For example Bluetooth doesn't have to be configured and open to network access if you don't use it yourself, and you don't control who uses it.


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