?I have the early 2015 MacBook with USB-C charger. I want to have one brick for that AND my iPhone. I also bought a USB-A to USB-C cable, but I can't find a USB-A brick with enough power to charge my laptop. Is there a brick (or preferably portable battery) that will allow this


If your goal is to have one charging brick, then buy Apple’s USB-C to lightning cable. The you can use your MacBook’s charging adapter to charge either the MacBook or the iPhone.


Have you chance to check this folks: https://www.powertraveller.com ?

For instance, this product may be helpful: https://www.powertraveller.com/en/shop/portable-chargers/professional/powergorilla/

Hope this helps.


This Zendure 5-port USB-C Hub Portable Charger (45 watts) should pretty much meet every requirement you can think of, including concurrently charging other devices while charging a MacBook. Charges both legacy USB devices as well as the newer USB-C ones such as MacBook Pros- Oh, and you can even use it as a hub apparently (I haven't tried this yet however)

Please note the USB cable used with the USB brick/batter makes a HUGE difference in charging performance. I spent ages researching cables and the Anker USB-C to USB-C Thunderbolt 3.0 Fast Charging and Data Transfer Cable (19.7 in) gives me a full 19.8 volts- the same voltage when using the 87 watt Apple Power Adapter- vs about 5v for the cheap USB cables. Cable is barely 1.5 feet long, so can't be placed too far from your MacBook.

Why not use an Apple USB-C/Thunderbolt cable? Because it received 1-star reviews in the Apple Store, so I started looking on Amazon and found this Anker USB-C cable which had 4.5 starts for 31 reviews on Amazon.co.uk.

In below pictures is included one of the Xendure X6 charging my 2018 MacBook with the Anker USB-C cable:

Zendure X6 Ports Zendure X6 Profile View Zendure X6 charging with Anker USB-C cable

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