Not sure if this is possible. But I was wondering if there is a shortcut for physically moving a tab on my Terminal.

Say I have these tabs on my terminal:

| tab A | tab B | tab C | tab D |

If I were to move from tab A to tab C, I would do command + ] or [ two times. Well, I'm very lazy, so I would like to just do command + ] once. (This becomes especially useful when I have several tabs open) The only way to do that is to have tab C right next to A.

So, I'd like to have tabs in this order:

| tab A | tab C | tab B | tab D | 

My question is, is there any way to get this done with a shortcut?


There is no such shortcut in Terminal (apart of dragging the tabs manually), however such feature works fine out-of-box in Term2 by hitting Shift-CMD-/.

Another way is to have tabs in separate windows (CMD-N)and switch between them by CMD-1,2,3, etc in order you like.

See also: Keyboard shortcut to jump between tabs on OS X Terminal

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