The Safari icon indicates a question mark. And, it wont let me go to internet etc. How do I find the Safari app and activate it?

  • I suppose the question mark shows in the dock. You can remove it from there. You should find the Safari app in Applications folder.
    – Pratik
    Jan 11, 2016 at 6:16

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Pratika Rana is correct: your icon for Safari in the dock is no longer working. Remove it from the dock by dragging it out or by control-clocking and selecting 'remove from dock'

  • find Safari by opening finder and choosing Go -> Applications f of the menu. Double-click to open.
  • Safari, once it starts, will now have a new icon in your dock. Control-click its icon and select 'keep in dock' to make sure it doesn't disappear as you as you quit Safari.

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