I don't like the new dock, I don't like the new folders, I don't like flat or may be I am bored of looking at same stuff. But really I still miss OSX Lion/Mavericks 3D dock and a more lively user interface.

I am a big fan of Ubuntu, Arch Linux. I go to noobslab every once a week to customize my pc. I easily get bored of looking at same think for a long time.

What am I already using for customization:

1) LiteIcon for changing app and custom icons which I usually grab from DeviantArt {disable SIP}

2) cDock for custom Docks {disable SIP}

3) Xtra Finder & TotalFinder for more enhanced and shortcuts {disable SIP}

4) iTerm and Oh-My-Zsh for a better shell

5) Alfred in place of spotlight with custom themes

6) Irvue for OSX to grab Hi-Res wallpaper from unsplash automatically

Are there any suggestions for creating better User Interface , customization, Personalize better? Any cool app for widgets, any kind of amazing stuff.

NOTE: This is not just a question. This post is more of like a Wiki. Everyone can post there cool, customization apps, tweaks, scripts, anything here. This is an effort to grow the apple stack exchange community and make it more fun. Thanks.

Request: Please don't downvote, keep on hold as personal opinion etc. You can however edit this question. I am still asking for better customization apps.

What is SIP?

How to disable SIP?

I have disabled SIP but why shouldn't you disable it? Know what you are doing. I am not encouraging anyone to compromise his/her security

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    This will probably be more on topic on Software Recommendations. And StackOverflow doesn't allow "wikis" and questions asking for "good books for so-and-so programming language". Those are off topic. The ones that do exist are old and only remain because they have "historical significance" – Arc676 Jan 9 '16 at 9:39
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    The most recent re-evaluation of list-type questions I can find is this - Re-evaluating “list of tips” type questions which would seem to say they're OK. However, for it to be a good list question, the list ought to be in the answers, not in the question. Having said that, 'customising OS X' questions already exist - apple.stackexchange.com/questions/256/… – Tetsujin Jan 9 '16 at 10:35
  • @Tetsujin so I have modified the question and I am mostly targeting SIP now. So, its exclusively for EL Captain now. – Abhimanyu Aryan Jan 9 '16 at 10:43

Amazing post I wished to write a blog post about this same topic. For yosemite you had Flavour 2 for customizing. The was large of people contributing there themes. But, the support for Flavour 2 had ended. They won't support EL Captain because of SIP

El Capitan Means The End Of Mac Themes & Deep System Tweaks

But, there is still a work around for EL Captain and you can install Flavour 2. Have a look at this reddit post.


NerdTool lets you put up .qtz as wallpaper!

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