I have an apple music subscription and then decided to make some cool playlists.

But now, my library is FULL of albums that I never play outside of my playlists, an ugly ugly nightmare. I guess my question is: How can I have songs in playlist but not in the library?

I don't want to see them outside of the playlist!

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Short answer is - you can't.

The Library is your total structure, containing everything.
Playlists are made from the overall structure.

You can delete a song from a Playlist without removing it from the Library - but if you delete a song from the Library, it will also delete it from all Playlists.


In the newest versions of the iTunes (tested on the, you can uncheck the box in the Settings, to not add songs to your library when adding them to your playlists (see screenshot with the red arrow pointing to the checkbox).


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