I have an android phone connected using PTP over USB. (A Fairphone FP1)

OSX used to launch Photo's every single time I plugged in the phone to charge, which was very annoying, so I unticked the box that said "Open Photos for this device"

Now Photo's cannot see the device. Not at all. Not ever.

If I open Photo's manually, the device is not shown at all in the sidebar or anywhere else.

I also checked this question and the phone doesn't appear in the devices on Image Capture either.

Any suggestions how I can get photos of this device again?

  • I'm experiencing exactly the same issue with an HTC First. Any luck with a resolution? Have you tried a different USB cable? – bonh Feb 29 '16 at 2:38
  • Its not a connectivity issue, I can still use other apps to access it. No resolution found :-( – ChrisJ Apr 10 '16 at 5:54

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