I've saved a file with the name filename\.svg and it didn't appear in finder. When I check terminal, there was a file named .svg in the folder I saved my file. I changed its name to test.svg but it still doesn't appear in Finder. Here is a screenshot from terminal:

Terminal ls output

How can I make this file visible in Finder?


In order to make only this specific file visible in Finder, try the following command using Terminal.app from Applications > Utilities:

$ cd /path-to-folder/where/invisible-file/is-located/
$ chflags nohidden ./test.svg

Hope this helps

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    There is no need to use sudo for chflags. Except for the target file permissions. – Hamid Rohani Jan 7 '16 at 23:51

From this tutorial on MacWorld, here is a way to show hidden files in the Finder:

Open a terminal, and enter this command at the Bash prompt:

$ defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles YES

Then restart the Finder with the following command (also from terminal):

$ killall Finder

The next time you open a Finder window, your hidden files should be visible.

To echo what Oliver said, you can also use chflags to alter the "hidden" property on a specific file. (chflags man page)

chflags nohidden hiddenfile.ext

I think it is a bug in Finder. To make that file visible you need to re-start the finder as follows:

Press COMMAND+OPTION+ESC then select Finder and click on Relaunch.

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